Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Doctrinal Statement.

Anyone reading my blog may ask, and certainly has the right to know, where I am coming from and what I believe. Someday I will get around to writing a description of my spiritual journey and how I got to where I am now.

For now, I like a personal doctrinal statement I found a few months ago by Dr. Sam Storms at Enjoying God Ministries. I'm not going to endorse 100% of what any man writes; I even reserve the right to possible not agree with what I am writing in five or ten years! I certainly wouldn't agree now with some things I believed in my younger days!

I agree with at least 90% of Dr. Storms position. Click on the link to see what Dr. Storms wrote. I'll leave a little mystery for now as to what in his statement I do not agree with. After all, got to keep my readers coming back for more, don't I?

I'm a member of a Vineyard church and graduated from Vineyard Leadership Institute. The Vineyard Statement of Faith can be found at Vineyard USA.