You Have A Right To Know

I am scared. I am scared of the danger that "comes with the territory" of writing a blog focusing on the Bible, Theology and Ministry. It is the same danger that preachers and pastors face. It is the danger that readers and hearers will think that the one speaking is a "holy man" because of the subject matter being presented and discussed - and the far greater danger that the writer or speaker will believe it also! Succumbing to that greater danger is a potential disaster to my soul.

Guess what - I am not a holy man. This blogger is not what you may think he is. Yes, I believe everything I have written - but I do not claim to live it all as I should, as I want to.

The truth is I am a sinner; simply a repentant (mostly) rebel against God who now clings to the Cross.
I need a Savior - and by the grace of God have a great one. I am simply a man praying the Jesus prayer: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner!"

You have a right to know.