Book Review Policy

Some Christian publishers offer a free book policy for bloggers. Usually these programs allow bloggers to receive FREE copies of selected books. In exchange, you must agree to read the book and post a review on your blog and on any consumer retail website, such as Amazon.

Of course, a bibliophile like me can not pass up any offer with the words “free books” in it. I do participate in some of these programs.  This provides a good opportunity to post a policy on book reviews for this blog.

1, If I review a book under a review program I will explicitly say so.

2. If a review does not state that I received a free copy of the book from a blogger program, then you can assume I’m just talking about it because I especially liked, benefited from and agreed or disagreed with the book.

3. I will give my honest opinion of any book reviewed, positive or negative, whether it was received as a free or not.

4. I will be glad to interact with readers in the comments section of the blog on any book I review.