Policy on Comments

I do not kid myself into thinking that a lot of people read my blog. Other than my wife and kids, a few friends (and maybe my dog -who knows what he does all day) I doubt anyone reads my scattered musings on a regular basis.

I have, however, had comments posted from readers unknown to me when I have posted on controversial matters, movements or people.. There are apparently people who scour the Internet for anything posted on certain controversial topics and then send mass produced heresy alerts to the authors. Also, there are the trolls who try and post advertisements, or gibberish (with possible embedded viruses)

Therefore, I've decided it is time to have a policy on posting comments from readers on my blog. So Ta Dah- Here it is:

1. If you submit a comment in response to something specific I have said or linked to I will post your comment, so long as you write in a polite and respectful manner.

2. If you submit a comment criticizing or disagreeing with something I have said, I will probably post your comment. If you catch me in a factual error or a violation of blogging etiquette, I will certainly post your correction. Please be gentle; I'm still new at this and God is not done with me yet.

3. If you write to praise my wisdom, erudition, spirituality, scholarship, writing skill or personality, I will most certainly post your comment!

4. However, in the future if someone submits a generic comment simply due to the topic of a post, without regard to or comment on something I have said in this blog, I will probably not post your comment. So there, all you spamming heresy hunters! I am interested in conversations, even potentially heated ones, but not in shotgun blasted attacks.

5. If you try and post a spam comment with a link to your totally unrelated website - Forget it. For all I know your site is full of viruses or porn.

So, let the comments come forth! If anyone outside my immediate circle is reading this and would like to let me know that you have dropped by, please leave a note. I would love to hear from you.