Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yea, God!

There's a young man in our church for whom we have been praying regarding throat cancer. He has already battled addiction in our 12-Step ministry, and now faced a battle for life over cancer. He went to Birmingham for surgery this week. Yesterday the following announcement went out to our e-mail prayer chain.

D______ went to Birmingham to have surgery to remove a cancer in his throat. There was only a 15% chance that he would even be able to talk again after the surgery. The doctors put him to sleep, but they didn’t operate …. because there was NO CANCER !! They said there were lesions where the cancer had been, but it was totally gone. To be safe, the doctors will probably continue chemo-therapy.

God also restored his relationship with his young daughter that he hadn’t seen in years. He now has visitation rights too.

Thanks for your prayers. They are working.

Yea, God!

Update- more good news via e-mail:

I just spoke with D_____. He's still trying to process everything. He's on his way home with his family from Birmingham to Memphis. When I called him he answered the phone "Hello, this is miracle boy"!He said when he started to come out of the anesthesia he thought he was dreaming because he wasn't in any pain and didn't find any cuts from surgery. Then he thought oh no, they haven't started the surgery and I've already awakened! Then he heard his dad saying "son, you don't have cancer" you've been healed. As I'm sure you all recall, the tumor was so large that he was not able to even swallow water. He got his nourishment through the feeding tube in his stomach. Are you all ready for this............D_____ ATE STEAK LAST NIGHT!!!!! Not mashed up or pulverized or "blenderized"!!! He ate actual chunks of steak!