Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update on San Diego Church Plant

Below is an excerpt from an e-mail from our friends the Lancasters who are planting a church in San Diego, CA. Duke and Marie Lancaster and their son Heath moved to California in March. along with another couple and a single women from our church in Mississippi. They plan to launch Sunday meetings for their new church plant, to be called SouthBay Vineyard, in September.
Worship Teams, Prayer Teams, Children's Ministries and much more must be finalized and resourced. Leaders must be identified and coaching must proceed in earnest.

It would be easy to get overwhelmed except for the fact that God keeps bringing just the right people at just the right time into our circle of relationships.

It has been obvious right from the start that he is moving heaven and earth to orchestrate something fantastic here. I meet people almost every week who have moved here from all over the country and feel like God has them in San Diego for some purpose that they are just coming to understand. This week I spoke with a lady who moved here from Georgia, a man who moved here from Louisiana and another from Florida... all with ministry backgrounds and sensing God's call on their lives.

We will make our plans, but it is God who orders our steps. Keep praying with us that we see God's Kingdom come to San Diego... and that His glory is seen here.
I love Duke's vision for SouthBay Vineyard:
I want SouthBay Vineyard to be different. I want it to be a church that has in its DNA not only the desire but the expectation to see God demonstrate his power and glory through every member. That sees selfless service to those in their community as its greatest measure of success. That reaches out to every person and accepts them where they are. That dispenses grace and mercy in such abundance that the religious gatekeepers are offended.

And God is going to use people like you and I to build that type of church! He so loves the people of the South Bay area that he has orchestrated people and events to bring them together for this time and purpose. There are people from all over the country that are being assembled here to bring this vision to reality. This is the cause we are committed to and it just may be part of the destiny God has put inside of you!