Saturday, August 23, 2008

How to Apologize

I'm not a NASCAR fan (shocking for a Southern boy, I know) but I am a Joe Gibbs fan, which is why this story at The Point grabbed my attention. The former Redskins coach and his sons own and run a racing team, and apparently some of their employees were caught cheating on some NASCAR rules. Chuck Colson commented:

While the cheating is not surprising, the name of the team is: Joe Gibbs Racing. It is surprising because Gibbs is an outspoken Christian who has gone into prisons with me. I know Joe well and respect his character and integrity—they are unimpeachable.

That is why I was not surprised at what followed: While neither Joe nor his son J. D. had any clue as to what their employees were doing, they took "full responsibility" for their employees' actions.

Joe said that the incident "goes against everything we stand for as an organization." He added that "we will take full responsibility and accept any penalties NASCAR levies against us."

That's it: no evasion, no excuses, no spin.

That's the way to do it. No "if anyone was offended." No "mistakes were made." Character and integrity matter.

Good for Joe.