Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Phony Revealed

This time I am not talking about Todd Bentley!

Zach Nielsen at the "Take Your Vitamin Z" Blog reported this week on Sad News from Australia
A few days ago I did a post about the new Hillsong recording. In passing I mentioned the song, "Healer". The short of it is that the author of the song has terminal cancer and then wrote this powerful song about God being his Healer.

Sadly, it turns out he was lying about the whole thing. 300,000 youtube hits later, with thousands of people inspired, it was all a fake. He does not have cancer.

We need to pray for this man and his real healing from some very serious sin issues in his life.

I was just listening to a White Horse Inn Podcast this morning and they reminded the listeners that our hope is not in a subjective experience tied to a mortal man, but to the historical and factual message of Jesus' death and resurrection that is unchanged in the face of man's subjective experiences.

I pray that the people who listen to the new Hillsong record and all those in Australia who have been impacted by this man's ministry will have put more hope in the historical facts of the gospel and not the personal experience produced by this man.

How sad that someone would think to do this, to commit such a fraud, just to get attention. How great is the hope for all of us that Jesus loves and saves sinners- or we would all be lost. How amazing that God can communicate truth through a phony - but if He can speak through Balaam's Ass (Numbers 22:28-31) then I guess He can speak through anybody.

Update: More details on the story at The Australian.