Friday, August 8, 2008

Itching Ears Report

Earlier this week Bob at In the Clearing posted this Itching Ears Report.
This quote from Lee Grady, editor of Charisma, is in the That's-What-I'm-Talkin-About category:

A prophet stays biblical. So much of what is passed off as prophecy today resembles what you might find in a daily horoscope. The so-called “prophetic movement” in the contemporary church has been tainted by silly fads and charismatic witchcraft. One prophetic e-mail list sent out a word recently saying that dormant angels were being awakened out of the walls of our churches. (That’s not remotely scriptural.) Another predicted that God would begin to speak to people through the names of candy bars and blue jeans.

So much of our prophetic verbiage sounds like warm and fuzzy fortunetelling. This type of “imitation prophecy” can titillate and thrill those with itching ears, but it is pablum designed for babies who don’t want to grow up. What we need is a word we can sink our teeth into—true meat that is the Word of God.

Well, somebody had to say it.
Yeah, somebody needed to say it, and J. Lee Grady is just the guy to do so.

Many years ago now I heard a speaker who was known as a prophet. I'm not gong to give his name; I do think he was and is prophetic, but he also taught clearly from the Scriptures. After his sermon, a woman approached him begging him for a personal word from the Lord. He asked her if she had a Bible. Taking her Bible, he looked at it, then handed it back to her saying; "here is your Word from the Lord." That's keeping the priorities straight.