Friday, August 15, 2008

Lakeland & Bentley Coverage

Below are links to what other bloggers and commentators are saying about the bad news about the Lakeland Revival which I commented on last Wednesday. The reason I am giving this story more attention is not to focus on the failures and pain of one brother in Christ (pray for him!), but to emphasize the lessons we all need to learn on discernment, accountability, humility, priority for marriages and families over work and ministry, and how to shepherd churches and movements during revival times.

Peter Cockrell at Already Not Yet
Dan Edelan at Cerulean Sanctum
John Piper at Desiring God Blog
Rick Ianniello
Peter Kirk at Gentle Wisdom
Michael Spencer at Jesus Based Spirituality
J. Lee Grady at Charisma Magazine
Michael Davis at Charismatica

I think we need to learn the right lessons from this, and not throw out the baby with the bath water. Somewhere, someday, the Spirit of God is going to break out in power and there will be humble leaders who balance experiences with sound doctrine, teach the Word, stay accountable, avoid hype, model good ministry practices and shepherd the thing in such a way as people are permanently changed, the Kingdom is advanced and God gets all the glory. I long to see that happen! It may not be me or my church, but I want to become the kind of person Jesus could trust with a revival if He so chose. How about you?