Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Very Worst Missionary? I Think Not!

Want to read some spiritual writing with a very unique style that will make you laugh, while sometimes hitting you in the gut through the humor? If so, then check out Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. I love the title! If I was a missionary I'd steal it from her. Jamie and her husband are missionaries in Costa Rica. Here's a sample of her stuff:
“Sometimes”, I say to God, ”I just want it to be how it was. Ya know?”
And God says, gently, as always, “Oh, Baby Girl… You’ve got it all wrong.
And then He reminds me of what I already know, which is that I have been Restored… and that Restoration is for the broken.
In my foolishness, I plead to God to take away the broken parts, make it like it was, like none of this ever happened. But it seems, in my haste to forget life’s biggest challenges, I would erase all of the best parts of the story. Because where I see a heart, broken and aching for the poor, He sees a heart, salvaged from materialism, and Restored to a better condition. And where I see a marriage, broken by every kind of selfishness, He sees a couple, raised from the brink of death, and Restored to a better place. And where I see all the scars left by living a dirty, messed up life, He sees that what was once broken is now made whole. Our scars are simply evidence of what has been Restored. They get to tell the Story of where our lives have been touched by God.
Why would you erase”, He asks me, “all the best parts of the Story?
“I don't know. I just wanted it to be how it was.”
Ah, but when you tell the Story how it is…. we’re Both in it.
And then I feel silly that after all these years with God by my side, I'm still getting it all wrong.
I don't know, Jamie, I think you are getting a lot of it right.