Friday, April 15, 2011

Redeeming the Past

More powerful writing from Unconditional? by Brian Zahnd
"For redemption to be complete and honestly give us a hopeful future, it must be able to address and in some way redeem the past. Through the act of forgiveness the past is not forgotten, but by faith in God's redemptive work it comes to be viewed in a new way. The injustice is to be remembered, but it is not allowed to poison the present and dictate the future.  Forgiveness, when done as an expression of faith in God, allows us to have a new and redemptive perspective on the past."  - page 82
"...What are you waiting for?  Are you waiting to get even? A chance for payback? An opportunity to exact your revenge?  If so, you have no future.

You may get even, you may even achieve payback, you may gain your revenge, but you will stay forever chained to the injustice done to you. You are in danger of forming your identity around your injustice in such a way that it forever shapes your future."  - page 83 (italics in the original)