Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do You Suffer From ACCUS?

No, this is not just another "disease of the week."  It is a dangerous spiritual disease that many Christian leaders suffer from.To find out if you have it, read Do You Suffer From Acute Church Center of the Universe Syndrome?
ACCUS is no laughing matter. It is the exact opposite of what Jesus tells us to do in Matthew 28:19. It is sin. It is born from the desire in us to be great, to be conquerors of our domain. It is the result of our quest for some sort of celebrity. Being passionate about your ministry should translate immediately into being passionate for the community you are based in.
Clinical trials have not yielded a definitive cure for ACCUS but scientists think it might have something to do with acting like Jesus. Turns out, He was the center of the universe and He did everything to not act like it.