Thursday, April 7, 2011

Costly Forgiveness

"Christian forgiveness is not a cheap denial of the reality of evil or the trite sloganeering of 'forgive and forget.'  That may suffice for minor personal affronts, but it is hollow and even insulting when applied to crimes like murder, rape, and genocide. No, Christian forgiveness is not cheap.  Rather, it is costly because it flows from the cross - the place where injustice and forgiveness meet in violent collision.  Christian forgiveness does not call us to forget.  Christian forgiveness allows us to remember but calls us to end the cycle of revenge."

Brian Zahand, Unconditional?: The Call of Jesus to Radical Forgiveness, pages 11-12
I cannot speak highly enough about this book. Last weekend I found it on the shelf of our local Borders Books, started reading while drinking my caramel mocha, and have been totally hooked ever since.

Expect a lot more comments and quotes from this book over the next few days. Get it. Read it. Do it!