Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Revelation of Me

Last week I fasted one day. Nothing spectacular, just skipping two meals.  I was miserable!

I had a headache. My stomach was growling. The work day was going so slow.  I was grumpy. I was irritable. Once again I thought, as I do every time I fast: "I hate fasting, because fasting makes me grumpy."

Then I had a revelation.

Fasting does not make me grumpy - Fasting reveals that I AM grumpy! Fasting uncovers the real me, the irritable grumpy true me, the essential me when un-medicated by food.  Fasting uncovers my mask of niceness, my facade of self-control. Inside, under that facade, I am a selfish mess!

I so need Jesus!  Maybe you do too.