Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Way In Is The Way On

"...Tim Keller rightly argues, “The gospel is not just the A-B-C-‘s but the A to Z of Christianity. The gospel is not just the minimum required doctrine necessary to enter the kingdom, but the way we make all progress in the kingdom.”
The gospel way of progress in the kingdom is repentance toward God and faith in Jesus. If the gospel is simply the A-B-C-’s, then repentance will be emphasized only at the point of conversion, and, much like the gospel, will be shelved and replaced with rededications and resolutions directed to self-determination rather than self-crucifixion, to looking inwardly for resources that are not there rather than looking to Christ whose gospel promises are everything we need for life and godliness.

What followers of Christ desperately need is transformation from the heart, not behavioral modification. Deep transformation is perpetual when repentance is regular, and repentance is regular when the gospel is central...."
Taken From :Repentance won’t be regular if the gospel isn’t central « Provocations & Pantings

The words above written by Timmy Brister are so true. Click the link to read the whole thing.

The second paragraph above describes what so much "deeper life" and revival teaching is really like: Attempts a life transformation that are not based on God's grace and initiative but instead on self determination and effort. No wonder they don't work! No wonder so much is lost, in the words of the Casting Crowns song, "between the Altar and the Door!"

The message of the Cross is not just how we get in - it is how we get on and get up!