Monday, October 5, 2009

Has Modern Conservatism Become a Cult?

Has Modern Conservatism Become a Cult?

A provocative question recently asked by influential blogger Joe Carter. Among other things, he said:

The American right has begun to mimic the left in adopting a perverse form of political syncretism. A decade ago we’d mock well-intentioned, but misguided, liberals for being so intent on advancing their cause that they’d gloss over the views of their nutcase, extremist radical allies. Now, we do the same thing without giving it a second thought. Indeed, if you point out that there may be something wrong with embracing the loony ideas of fringe cultists—directly as with Ayn Rand, or indirectly, as with W. Cleon Skousen—you’ll be accused of being, depending on how polite your accuser, everything from an elitist to a socialist dhimmi.

Despite the fact that these well-meaning conservatives fail to exhibit any discernment about the views they are imbibing, they become terribly offended when you question how they could accept such nonsense.

Christians, no matter what their political views or affiliations, should always remember that we serve another Master and another Kingdom. All idols, including political philosophies, must bow before Him!