Thursday, October 15, 2009

Starting With Jesus

Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle has been invited by the Washington Post to write a column on their religion pages. The first one is here: On Faith Panelists Blog: No 'Best Case' Way to Present God, but Many False Ways - Mark Driscoll:
"Q: What makes the best 'case for God' to a skeptic or non-believer, an open-minded seeker, and to a person of faith and Why?


Christianity is not first and foremost about a sacred place to pilgrimage to, a philosophical system to ponder, a moral code to live, a religious tradition to honor, or an impersonal god to experience. Rather, Christianity is about a person who claimed to be the only God and said he would prove his unprecedented claim by living without sin, dying for sinners, and conquering death through resurrection.

So, as Christians, our aim is not to convince people of some god in general, but to introduce them to Jesus in particular..."
It's always a good sign when you start with "Jesus."