Monday, October 19, 2009

Exploring My Idolatries

I'm reading a good new book by Greg Dutcher (thanks Michelle & Zane) called You Are The Treasure That I Seek: But There's A Lot Of Cool Stuff Out There, Lord! The subject is the same as the new Tim Keller book that I am anxiously waiting for - Idolatry. Here's a good quote from the introduction to the book written by by John Frame:

"So when we find ourselves going against God's Word, it is helpful to ask the question, 'What idol am I worshipping?' That is a powerful question, because it exposes the heart. It asks us to inspect our motives...Thinking about idolatry helps us to measure ourselves accurately, to see how far we fall below God's standards. For sin is never a minor thing.."
Frame also says:

"When we see our sin as idolatry, we come to appreciate far more deeply what Christ has done for us on the cross. Idolatry is a problem we cannot fix, because it goes so deep. It places us under God's wrath and curse, and we can well understand why. Only god's free gift of salvation through Jesus can change our heart and turn it in a new direction."
I think I'm going to really enjoy this book. I also think it's going to really hurt! No one likes discovering what their golden calves are - but Oh how necessary the discovery is!

More to come as I read and digest the book.