Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Continuing to Explore My Idolatries

Continuing on the subject of idolatry, here's some quotes form the Greg Dutcher book I wrote about on Monday - "You Are the Treasure that I Seek: But there's A Lot of Cool Stuff Out There, Lord!"

“Idolatry is an old-fashioned word, consigned to social studies classes and Clive Cussler novels. But what if it’s alive and well, even in America? What is it’s a problem of such epic proportions that our unawareness of it is only making it worse?....The battle against idolatry is a fight for our lives, the lives of others, and most importantly, the reputation of Christ himself.” (Page 16)

“Those infected with the idolatry syndrome have no hope of finding the life God originally intended for them. An existence spent exchanging God for counterfeits is destined for disaster, both in this life and the next. Those suffering from the syndrome never realize that the reason they feel so purposeless is that an idol cannot satisfy a heart designed to experience God.” (Page 31)

“Jesus Christ came into this world to rescue idolaters. The problem was that idolaters were not interested in Christ, the very embodiment of the thing they traded in: the glory of God…Instead we continued to cling to our counterfeits and substitutes.” (Page 38)
I'm thinking about joining "Idolaters Anonymous." Lord, have mercy!