Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Keller on American Idols

Tim Keller's new book is out! (Have I mentioned lately that I want this book?)

He has an interview about the book in Christianity Today Magazine at American Idols Christianity Today

Preaching and teaching in the heart of Manhattan, Tim Keller is no stranger to the allure of money, sex, and power. In Counterfeit Gods (Dutton Adult), the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church shows how these good gifts of God become idols. CT online editor Sarah Pulliam Bailey asked Keller how Christians can grow more aware of the temptation to bow down to these and other false gods.
CT Magazine also has published an excerpt form the book called How to Find your Rival Gods.
I am not asking whether or not you have rival gods. I assume that we all do; they are hidden in every one of us. The question is: What do we do about them? How can we become increasingly clear-sighted rather than being under their delusional influence? How can we be free from our idols so we can make sound decisions and wise choices that are best for us and the people around us? How can we discern our idols?