Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We are encouraged by bracelets and books to ask WWJD - What would Jesus Do? - as a guide to our behavior. The concept goes back to the classic 19th century book by Charles Sheldon In His Steps, and of course all the way back to the New Testament.

Unfortunately, as we have all discovered, just asking the right question does not in itself give the power to do as Jesus would do.

What if we first asked ourselves WHJD- What has Jesus done? I mean by that a focus on the finished work of Christ on the cross- the Gospel of grace and free justification. We act based on what He did and is doing. Christian spirituality is response, not initiative. He initiates, we respond. He comes first.

If we are very conscious of what he has done for us and in us, asking WWJD would probably work a whole lot better.

Update: I wrote the above before I saw this post by Jared Wilson. Great minds think alike!