Sunday, February 1, 2009

Soul Force Conquers Temporary Divisions

I recently re-connected with an old friend from 20 years ago via Facebook who is also now a blogger. Saw this comment about last years election and praying for our new president and thought it was very well said. Thanks to Dave Grant at My Opinion on the election: Davewgrantsblog

“Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.”

Soul force?

The day after Election Day I went to work disappointed and worried for my country. Watching my African American brothers and sisters clap and dance and rejoice over “their” victory just poured salt on my wounds. I went to church the following Sunday and felt an awful tension in our sanctuary and Sunday school rooms. There was a hot division between my brothers and sisters. It burdened my heart to watch one of my pale Republican brothers express despair within a few feet of one of my beautiful chocolate sisters doing her dance of joy. I wanted to dance with my sister, share her living water, but at the same time I had to console my brother, lift him up to where he belonged. What could I do?

I believe this where Soul Force defined itself in my heart and mind. I knew what my heart wanted and what my God desired, so I reached down into my soul and forced out the right response. I grabbed my brother and my sister by the arms, looked in their faces, and tried to speak to their God made hearts.

“Yes,” I said to my sister, “What a proud day for you and for us all. Our country has done something extraordinary and you should dance and sing about it.” Then, looking into the eyes of my brother, I said “And we are going to pray that Barack Obama becomes the best president we ever had, aren't we? It would be insane to pray for his failure because in this dangerous day and age we need the best president we've ever had. ”

After all we are just temporarily Democrats and Republicans, blacks and whites, and left and right. We may not look alike and our family culture may be different but for eternity we are and will be Jesus’ children, and all precious in his sight On this Earth we must be Christian people, loving our temporary American home and ministering to it, but not allowing ourselves to be defined by it.

I believe prayer is the act that releases the power to raise us up from our divisions, from our differences, from disappointment to faith and from negative expectations to positive realization. Soul Force, making a divine decision in our spirit to live by the spirit and not the flesh, empowers us to pray, and prayer changes us, and will protect our country as well.

Thanks, Dave, for reminding us all of the temporary nature of our political and racial divisions. The unity of Christ transcends all human made divisions.