Friday, February 20, 2009

Cleaning Up Our Evangelical Language

Danny Spence says we need to Clean up your language!! He's talking about the standard evangelical phrases that we use to lead someone to faith in Christ. The problems are : (1) said phrases are not in the Bible, (2) they have become trite and cliched, and (3) they create false impressions about the Gospel and salvation.

"Ask Jesus into your heart”
“Make Him your Lord and Savior”
Make a “decision” to become a Christian
“Just say this simple prayer that will change your life”
“Just believe in God”
“Just ask for forgiveness”
“Accept” Jesus — This one is particularly bad

I hear these phrases over and over in the modern church, but the problem is that they are NOT in Scripture. These are man-centered catch phrases that end up creating false Christians. I know first hand… I was one for 22 years.

So, all you creative people out there - Who has a way of concisely explaining salvation that is both Biblical and does not use these phrases or their equivalents.

Inquiring minds want to know!