Monday, February 2, 2009

Friends of Sinners Bless the Bikes

A couple of years ago some members of the local chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) started attending our church. They started bringing their friends and families, who brought their friends, who brought their friends, etc. Now we have a large contingent of motorcyclists attending both of our services. They usually show up in their denim and leather, wearing their "colors" (the CMA emblem) on the backs of vests and jackets. One lady has a patch on her leather vest that says "These are my church clothes!"

Friday and Saturday we hosted a regional CMA conference. Our services on February 1st overflowed with bikers of all persuasions, CMA and not, including people who rarely if ever attend a church service and some rival motorcycle gangs who don't always get along with each other. We prayed hard! The message was given by the chaplain of this CMA region, who is a member of our church and an old friend of mine. He preached an evangelistic message in language intended for non-church people to understand.

Over 100 motorcycles were parked in front of our church Sunday morning for their annual "Blessing of the Bikes." After church every bike was prayed for, and the owner/riders prayed for, for safety and blessing during 2009.

It is a special satisfaction that our congregation is known as a place of acceptance for people who would not "fit in" at most churches. If Jesus was known in His day as the Friend of sinners, shouldn't the present day gatherings of His followers also be know as communities and places were sinners are welcome and accepted?

Just askin'.