Thursday, October 18, 2012

You Might Be a Christ Follower If....

....If you live your faith out in daily life. Comedian Jeff Foxworthy talks about his faith:
...“Here’s what I feel like. Rather than going and sitting in a service for an hour every Sunday and that being extent of my faith, it’s more important that I live it out,” Foxworthy said. “I lead a Bible study with homeless guys on Tuesday mornings…I have done it for years.”
The entertainer then went into detail about this unique public service activity, describing the small group as having started with only 15 male participants. Over the years, the Bible study has grown to more than 100 homeless men who are attempting to better their lives.
“If they agree to go through treatment and do well, [the organization running the study] puts them up for a year, takes them through counseling and helps them reunite with their families,” Foxworthy explained.
While he believes wholeheartedly in getting involved in service projects, he also goes to church regularly and relies upon the Bible for guidance in his everyday life. Foxworthy enthusiastically described the importance of the holy book.
“It’s kind of the anchor of the whole thing. It’s kind of what guides me in how to deal with my career, my money,” he explained. “Nothing in life prepared me to have money…I didn’t come from it. Nothing in life prepared me to be quasi-famous...”
Always thought he was a brother. Much more at the link.