Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Money Money Money

Pete Wilson on money and greed as idols (from Empty Promises):
"I've had to learn the hard way that money never wants to be just money in my life. It's always trying to position and manipulate itself into becoming something more..." (pages 95-96)
"That's a lesson I believe we all need when it comes to our money and our lives. We need to learn the joy of letting go. In fact, we probably need to learn it over and over again, to counteract the temptations of idolatry in our lives." (page 103)
"In fact, the only way I know how to fight back against allowing money to become an idol, the only way I know to break the greedy patter of get, get, get in my life, is the one that Jesus taught and modeled for us again and again.
The healthy way to handle money - and any other potential idol in our lives - is to give, give, give, trusting God to provide what we really need." (page 105)