Monday, October 22, 2012

Perils of Power

More from Empty Promises by Pete Wilson:
"When any of us allow power to become an idol in our lives, we begin to get our very sense of identity from it. As a result, we'll do everything in our control to cover up any hint of weakness- what ever suggests we're not the commanding in-charge kind of person we want to be." (pages 75-76)
"..a sure sign that my attitude toward power is out of whack is that I'll start doing everything I can to avoid failure." (page 76) 
"It's a decision we all must make - one that especially challenges those of us who lean in the direction of a power idol.
Do we want the perceived power that comes from avoiding failure?
Or do we want the authentic power that comes from Christ when we live and walk humbly with him." (page 77)
"While power may puff up the illusion of control, it does not, in fact, equal more control." (page 81)
"God keeps watch. He does not sleep. (we may not like to admit it, but the universe gets along just fine without us.)....Which means you can let go of your stress, your problems, your anxiety, your insecurity. You don't have to be in charge, because you have a God who has your back. He'll take care of everything, and there's only one thing you have to do.
You have to surrender."  (page 84)