Monday, October 1, 2012

Internship for the Eschaton

I collected the following quotes from Twitter highlights of Dr. Russell Moore's message at this years Desiring God National Conference. Wonderful stuff!
"Preaching is expository exorcism."
"When we gather together to hear God's word preached we are hearing a plea sent down from Jesus himself."
"In our little congregational meetings we are seeing the kingdom of God uprooting another kingdom."
"The King of the kingdom is the one who defines those who are received into the kingdom."

"Your vote on receiving a new member into your congregation is more significant than your vote for a US president."
"Your life in the local church is just an internship for the eschaton."
I don't know if I've gotten these quotes in the order of the original message. Sure sounds like it was a good one - filled with an understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom!