Sunday, October 7, 2012

Approval Addiction

Quotes on "Approval Addiction " from Empty Promises by Pete Wilson:
"...approval addiction is the process of looking to people or relationships to provide the love, acceptance, and validation that should come from God.
And that , of course, is idolatry." - Page 51
"Approval addicts are destined for a life of mediocrity because they always have to follow the herd - and that's the very opposite of what Christ calls us to do....
....If you depend on other people approving or supporting everything you say or do, you will end up doing and saying nothing. You will be handcuffed to mediocrity." - pages 56-57
Approval addiction is essentially an act of self-abandonment. Instead of finding your value and worth from your Creator, you have given your heart up for adoption. You have given it away to others for love and approval, making them responsible for your feelings...Depending on anyone other than God for fundamental validation is just asking for heartbreak." - page 58
"Your worth and value aren't determined by anyone's love and acceptance except for God's. And God's love and acceptance is already guaranteed. If you look to him for love and approval, you sill never be rejected." - page 61
Have I mentioned that I like this book?