Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Gospel Implications

Love this! Need this! From Gospel Implications, Part 1 @ Provocations & Pantings:
Gospel Implications: Jesus’ imputed righteousness demolishes our hope of meriting God’s favor and fear of losing it.
Gospel Implications: Because Jesus is currently making all his enemies his footstool, our right to anxiety & fear is gone.
Gospel Implications: Since Jesus took our guilt & shame on the cross, we can’t use those dark tools in our relationships.
Gospel Implications: Since Jesus in making all things new, we can’t disengage from the culture & abuse the environment.
Gospel Implications: Since God promises the sufficiency of his grace, we can’t bail as quickly from difficult situations.
Gospel Implications: Because Jesus said “It is finished”, all attempts at supplementing his work are blasphemous.
Gospel Implications: Because the throne of heaven is occupied, you can get off of your high horse.
Gospel Implications: Because one day we will be as lovely & loving as Jesus, holiness should be a passion & joy today.
Gospel Implications: Because Jesus will not sleep or slumber tonight, we can.
More to come.  Glorious (and truthful) stuff!