Monday, May 16, 2011

More Gospel Implications

Ready for some more Gospel Implications?  Here we go!
Gospel Implications: Since Jesus is praying we’ll be filled with his joy, staying dour, smug, & cold is not an option.
Gospel Implications: Because Jesus has perfectly obeyed the law for us, we don’t have to, we GET to.
Gospel Implications: Because Jesus cannot possibly love us more than he already does, we can focus on loving others.
Gospel Implications: Since Jesus is our Advocate & Intercessor, who even purifies our prayers, we can pray big & boldly.
Gospel Implications: Since Jesus is the ONLY perfect spouse, let’s not expect our spouse to be Jesus to us.
Gospel Implications: Since Jesus IS a perfect spouse to us, let’s love our spouse more sacrificially & extravagantly.
Gospel Implications: Since Jesus ONLY & ALWAYS speaks words of life to us, how dare we harm one another with OUR words?
Gospel Implications: Because Jesus is redeeming a pan-national Bride, we must decry & repent of all racism & tribalism.
Gospel Implications: Since we are in Christ and condemnation free, all self-contempt must be repudiated as unbelief.
Gospel Implications: Since Jesus came to set prisoners free, we must not stay enslaved to bitterness, greed and vanity.
Gospel Implications: Do not think/act like an orphan, for you are a legally adopted, dearly loved child of your Father.
 Can't get enough of this!