Thursday, May 19, 2011

Digesting the Implications

Continuing to enjoy and learn from the list of Gospel Implications by Scotty Smith, posted at Provocations & Pantings:
Gospel Implications: Since the Father has lavished his love upon us in Jesus, let’s not hoard it. Love boldly today.
Gospel Implications: Since Jesus has worked for us, we must rest in him. A most freeing imperative, indeed.
Gospel Implications: Jesus was the 2nd Adam who succeeded brilliantly as our substitute. Quit trying to be a 3rd Adam.
Gospel Implications: Since Jesus made and will glorify our bodies one Day, we must neither despise, abuse or worship them.
Jesus has the only set of shoulders broad enough to carry the burden of your sin, brokenness, shame and despair. Offload.
Because Jesus is a wonderful, merciful Savior, you can abandon yourself to him right now, with your tears, fears and woes.
Much more at the link.