Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who Gets the Attention

“Fifty member church in Florida gets international attention when it burns somebody else’s holy book. Five thousand member churches hold free clinics to everyone, food pantries, home fix-ups for free…. and never get a mention even in local news. It’s not so much that bad news travels fast, but good news rarely gets a ride.”

               From: Instapundit (quoting Dave Foulk)

Update: I agree with Abraham Piper's observatio:
Every religion includes offensive fringe freaks. Only one religion that I’m aware of makes the whole world scared for its safety when it gets insulted by one of these freaks who happens to have made it on the news.

How can we condemn Jones’s actions without also condemning the religion that makes his actions so dangerous? Sure, Jones is not being kind or prudent–He’s an absolute fool.–but the fact that he is causing legitimate worry about the safety of our soldiers, missionaries, expatriates, etc., is not his fault. It’s Islam’s.