Thursday, September 30, 2010

Defined by the Cross

Here's  a needed piece of good counsel - Define yourself by what Jesus did on the cross, not what you do on Sunday.

"Though we all know this is true, we often struggle to believe it when it counts. To see change happen, we must do what it takes to write this gospel truth on our hearts, so that it is ready when we need it most. As we grow in our ability to use the gospel in daily life, we will be better equipped to fight the enemy’s lies."

The context was a discussion of preachers who evaluate their ministry success by attendance numbers, but the advice is good for any of us.  Our self definition and identity must be sourced in Him and His actions, not our own actions (good or bad). 

This is a freeing thought!

From:  Justification by Attendance « Church Planting for the Rest of Us: