Friday, September 17, 2010

Thinking About Idolatry

Some thoughtful quotes about idolatry can be found at Coram Deo Blog . The first one is from Tertullian, a second century AD Christian theologian and author..
"The principle crime of the human race…is idolatry. For although each individual sin retains its own proper feature… they all fall under the general heading of idolatry…. All murder and adultery, for example are idolatry, for they arise because something is loved more than God‑‑yet in turn, all idolatry is murder for it assaults God, and all idolatry is also adultery for it is unfaithfulness to God. Thus it comes to pass, that in idolatry all crimes are detected, and in all crimes idolatry. (Tertullian, On Idolatry)
Much more at the link.