Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tripp on Grace

Quotes From Paul Tripp on the Grace of God:

The unrelenting power of transforming grace is greater than the unyielding idolatry of your wondering heart.
Jesus did for you what you couldn’t do, so that you could give to him what you couldn’t give apart from his grace-your whole heart.
Face it, you and I don’t need to be tweaked, you tweak a poorly written sentence, you and I need to be radically rebuilt by grace.
Grace frees you from the weight of the law, not so you would despise the law, but so you would use the resources of grace to keep it.
Grace frees you to live horizontally what you’ve given vertically. While others hope to get, you can celebrate what you’ve been given.
Grace calls you to abandon your reliance on you because God knows that true righteousness only begins when you come to the end of yourself.
Grace: No love greater, no forgiveness more complete, no hope more secure, no peace more permanent than are found in Jesus.
Grace tells you all the things about you that you don’t want to face, while assuring you that they have all been covered by the cross.
Grace doesn’t excuse your sin, rather it pays the price for what is inexcusable.
Grace means you don’t have to hide what’s already been forgiven, or fear what’s already been defeated, or earn what’s already been given.
From Timmy Brister's Paul Tripp on Twitter on Grace