Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More on "Casts" and Spiritual Formation

Last week I wrote about spiritual disciplines acting like a cast on our souls, for broken souls to heal properly. Been thinking more about that, and asking myself some questions.

Creeds: Can reciting, memorizing and meditating on the ecumenical creeds ( Apostles and Nicene creeds, accepted by just about all Christians) act like a cast on our beliefs? The words of the creed act as a scaffold, forming our thinking: and right theology leads to right worship and living.

Psalms: Does reading, singing and praying through the Psalms act like a cast on our devotions, forming us to worship and communicate with God rightly? Is it any coincidence that the Psalms have been so used for 2,000 years?

Corporate Worship: Can doing the disciplines, the creeds and the psalms together form a community in right Godly worship? Might this be an antidote to the rampant individualism in American Christianity?

Just asking? What do you think?