Friday, July 31, 2009

Validation in His Pleasure

My old friend Jim Wright, whom I've know for over 35 years, recently posted a blog on the danger of finding personal validation in the use of ones giftings rather than in simply pleasing God and being loved by him.

Understanding God’s calling and the associated personality gifts he’s given us is not difficult: We find joy and fulfillment in doing what we are gifted in, and we are gifted in what we are called to do. Furthermore, when we use our gifts and fulfill our calling according to God’s will, we feel his pleasure – in addition to our own.

There’s a problem, however, in seeking validation from using our gifts or pursing our calling instead of pleasing God. Instead of being content with God saying “well done, thou good and faithful servant,” we seek legitimacy in who we are, what we do, how others react or in the results of our actions. Such validation comes from and is about us, rather than God.

Read it all at"Fulcrum Prime"- Gifts, Calling and Validation Good job, Jim!