Thursday, July 9, 2009

Episcopal Bishop Calls Individual Salvation ‘Heresy’ and ‘Idolatry’

Once a denomination starts down the path to unbelief and rejection of the authority of Scripture, apparently there is no bottom. Get this - Episcopal Bishop Calls Individual Salvation ‘Heresy’ and ‘Idolatry’

ANAHEIM, CAEpiscopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori says it’s "heresy" to teach that an individual can be saved through a sinner’s prayer of repentance. Here are some comments that Bishop Schori made at the opening of the Episcopal General Conference on Wednesday:

"the great Western heresy: that we can be saved as individuals, that any of us alone can be in right relationship with God."

"…caricatured in some quarters by insisting that salvation depends on reciting a specific verbal formula about Jesus."

"That individualist focus is a form of idolatry, for it puts me and my words in the place that only God can occupy."

So, I guess salvation is now found in social work and liberal causes? No wonder so many believing Anglicans are jumping from that sinking ship (The Episcopal Church) and boarding the ark of the new North American Anglican group. God save us!

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