Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We Are Actors, Not Directors

More from Tullian Tchvidjian, Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free:
"The gospel frees us to speak honestly about the reality of pain, confident that nothing rides on our ability to cope with or fend off suffering. Before we can even begin to grapple with the frustrations and tragedies of life in this world, we must do away with our faithless morality of payback and rewards.....We must return to the beginning (and end) of the whole affair: the cross." (Page 68)

:While God does indeed use the suffering in our lives, He is interested in much more than improvements in your personality or circumstantial happiness; He is interested in saving you. He is more than your Helper; He is your Redeemer. We do not have the primary role in this drama after all; we are the actors, not the directors. Sometimes it requires getting on our knees for us to see the truth." (page 69)