Monday, November 26, 2012

Closing the Idol Factories

"As our idols reveal to us, we all have some corner of our lives where we need to be converted afresh, where some false hope needs to die if faith is to be born. This side of the pearly gates, you and I can be relied upon to forget the goodness of the gospel. Like factories, our hearts, to paraphrase John Calvin, will never cease to produce new idols. The only hope lies in hearing the crushing word of the Law and the absolving word of the gospel every day. Every minute!

As an aside, this is precisely why churches need to preach the basic gospel every Sunday. Sermons with advice (or "application") about relationships or money or social justice will always fall flat, regardless of how sound the advice may be. they do not take into account the depth of suffering experienced in the life of a believer or the sin that persists in every Christian...."

           -Tullian Tchvidjian, Glorious Ruin, page 165