Friday, July 20, 2012

Through Confession to Authenticity

More quotes from Gospel-Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson:
"The religious verbally punish others for failure to keep the rules, while the rebellious are quick to overlook one another's failure. Both are rule centered. The religious person is oriented around keeping rules, and the rebellious person around breaking rules." (Page 64)

"...confession isn't to be viewed as a ritual bargaining chip we cash in to obtain a clear conscience. Our forgiveness has already been bought in Jesus; we simply procure his purchased forgiveness through confession. This may seem abstract. Perhaps it would be helpful to think of confession in terms of authenticity.  Confessions is a verbal way of spiritually recovering our authenticity. Confession rejects an inauthentic image in order to realign with our true image." (Page 68, italics in original)

"The gospel reminds us to live authentically as his children, either through repentance or obedience. In confession, we become authentically Christian, agreeing with God about our judgment-deserving sin and trusting in his sin-forgiving grace. We return to the reality of grace, in Christ, which in turn compels real obedience." (Pages 68-69)

"The gospel coaxes us to run neither away nor past God but straight into his living arms. In the gospel, we get to live authentically as God's forgiven and accepted sons and daughters. Grace brings us to our senses, delivering us from the insanity of sin. (Page 69)