Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Twitter Update

From my Twitter feed last week:
RT : Greater revelation of the love of God is always correlative to a greater revelation of my own brokenness.
RT : There's nothing more cutting edge than God - always at the forefront of innovation and imagination
Nothing smells worse than pride. Nothing smells better than grace. Good thing there's grace for stinky people like me. RT @JustinBuzzard
RT : Never, ever, ever, ever believe you will amount to nothing. In God you are already a somebody with HUGE potential
"Busyness-the blasphemous anxiety of doing God's work for him" Hilary of Tours RT 
RT : God may choose to showcase His power on the stage of your weakness.
When you mess up badly, God sees it as a good starting point for connecting again...RT @PassionNetworkRT 
: Open frailty attracts the presence of God and brings healing to others. Don't conceal yours.