Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Imperfect People, Clinging to a Perfect Savior

I've been reading Gospel-Centered Discipleship by Jonathan Dodson, and would like to recommend the book to you. His thesis is that there should be no wall in our minds and ministries between evangelism and disciple making, because both are grounded and sustained in the Gospel, in the message of grace and acceptance imparted by and through the Cross. Some quotes:
"I began to realize that Jesus is not merely the start and standard for salvation, but that he is the beginning, middle and end of my salvation...the gospel is for disciples, not just for 'sinners;' is saves, and transforms people in relationship, not merely people who go it alone." (Page 17)
"Gospel-centered discipleship is not about how we perform, but who we are - imperfect people, clinging to a perfect Christ, being perfected by the Spirit." (Page 18, italics in original)
More to come throughout this week.