Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fight for the Breathtaking Beauty

More great quotes from Jonathan Dodson's Gospel-Centered Discipleship:
"The gospel calls us back to look at Jesus over and over again. A disciple of Jesus is a person who so looks at Jesus that he or she actually begins to reflect his beauty in everyday life." (Page 56)
" the words of J.P. Moreland, 'Grace is opposed to earning, not to effort.' If we are to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Jesus, we must put effort into the noble fight of faith." (Page 57)
"True faith struggles to pry our hands off the old life and keep them on our eternal life. Biblical faith fights to believe the gospel to such a degree that it is reflected in our practice...Believing the gospel is not a one-time decision; it is an active, continual fight for faith in what God says is noble, true and good."  (Page 58)
"Gospel transformation comes through pain, struggle, suffering, and staring your ugly sin right in the face." (Page 59)
"It is heartwarming, mind-renewing truth that the image of the glory of God in the complexion of Jesus is all we truly need to be truly satisfied, complete and accepted." (Page 59)
Have you figured out yet that I like this book?