Thursday, June 14, 2012

Power of Forgiveness

More good stuff from Steve Brown's Three Free Sins:
"When we finally acknowledge our need for forgiveness and come to God in repentance, we find true power: for we now have nothing to hide or protect, we don't care what people say or think about us, we are willing to speak truth gently, and we are enabled to speak it with tremendous, supernatural power." (Page 45)
"I've found that the greatest need among Christian leaders isn't for more commitment, more religion, and more 'making an impact' for Jesus.  What they need is to be taught that they are seriously sinful and God loves them anyway." (Page 87)
"Jesus set loose power in the world by forgiving a whole lot of people a whole lot of sin when they didn't deserve it and never would. He said that 'sorry was enough.' And now those very people have the power to do the same thing for others who don't deserve it. The essense of the christian faith is forgiveness - unbelievable forgiveness given for screwed-up people to other screwed-up people without any 'kicker.'" (Page 88)
I'm enjoying this book!