Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Club for Screwed Up People

I'm reading an interesting book by Steve Brown with the provocative title Three Free Sins - God's Not Mad at You. The quote below is from page 42.
"When Luther told his followers to 'sin boldly!' he wasn't encouraging sin. He was encouraging repentance and a bold new trust in the sufficiency of Christ for all sin. Luther once suggested to a man who questioned him about encouraging sin that there was an incredible arrogance in assuming that anything we could ever do would be more sufficient than the blood of God's own Son....

...I don't know why you're shocked. When you joined the church (if you are a Christian), you announced to the world that you were sinful and seriously screwed up. The church, someone has said, is the only club in the world where the only qualification for joining it and staying in it is that one be unqualified. .."
I qualify! What do you think?