Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Practical Counsel for Theological Growth

Want to grow in Theological knowledge?  Want to see your small group grapple with some deep truth?  Here's some advice from Ray Ortlund (in an interview with Joe Thorn):
"What advice would you give to the average Christian who loves Jesus and the church, but needs to grow theologically?"

"Here’s one way to jump in. Pull some friends together, everybody buy a copy of Driscoll and Breshears’ Doctrine, and work through it together. Check out the small group suggestions on pages 437-450. Read it slowly. Embrace the difficulty. Look up every word you don’t understand. Mark up your copy with questions and highlights. Get mad if you have to. But pray to God for clarity, and he’ll give it. As you read, keep checking it against the Bible, examine what your friends say too, and don’t let go until you really know what you believe. You will never be the same again."
This book is definitely on my wish list!

Hat Tip:  Justin Taylor: