Thursday, July 15, 2010

...Never Lose the Brokenness

"In every moment when I am winning, Jesus is with me.  And in every moment when I am losing, Jesus is with me.  At any moment when I am confused, wounded and despairing, Jesus is with me.  I never, ever, lose the brokenness.  I fight and sometimes I prevail, but I can't prevent more of my screwed-up, messed-up life from erupting.  Because I belong to One whose resurrection guarantees that I will arrive safely home in a new body and be part of a new creation.  I miraculously, amazingly, find myself continuing to believe, continuing to move forward, until Jesus picks me up and takes me home."

            - Michael Spencer, Mere Churchianity, Page 147
 (Have I mentioned lately that I like this book?!)